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ABOUT Local 1133

IBEW1133 Local members perform naval maintenance and repair to support Naval Marine and Combat Systems in Royal Canadian Navy warships, submarines, auxiliary vessels and other Formation units.  Technicians and technologists from this union local maintain, repair and trial command and control systems, communication systems, above water and under water weapons systems, navigation systems, integrated machinery control systems, fire detection systems, liquid level management systems, helicopter haul-down controls, and submarine control systems. These systems include radars, radio communication equipment, Infar red TV surveillance, command and control computer networks, guns, missiles, fire-control radars and missile guidance, torpedo systems, electronic firefighting systems, and submarine systems such as periscope maintenance, sonar and others.  The local members preform these services to our warships both in HMC Dockyard Halifax and when they are deployed on operations through FMFCS mobile repair parties to serve our ships in the theatre of operations. 1133 is a member of the Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council East which acts as our bargaining agent with the federal government.

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